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Rahul and Neeraj start at the same time from points A and B and travel towards B and A respectively. After they meet, Rahul takes 40 minutes to reach B and Neeraj takes 1.5 hours to reach A. If Rahul's speed is 36 kmph, find Neeraj's speed.


54 kmph


30 kmph


24 kmph


48 kmph

Correct Option - C


If two people P and Q start at the same time from points A and B towards each other and after crossing each other, they take x seconds and y seconds to reach B and A respectively,

P's speed:Q's speed = √y:√x

Rahul's speed:Neeraj's speed

= √(1.5*60):√40

= √9:√4

= 3:2

Neeraj's speed

= 36*2/3

= 24 kmph

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