Problems on Ages Questions and Answers

Q 1
A father is three times as old as his son. After fifteen years the father will be twice as old as his son's age at that time. Hence the father's present age is

A)   36

B)   42

C)   45

D)   48

Correct Option - C

ExplanationF=3S F+15=2(S+15) Solving the two equations, F=45

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Q 2
Nina is 9 years older than Angel. Two years ago, Angel's age was half that of Nina's. Find Angel's present age.

A)   10

B)   11

C)   15

D)   18

Correct Option - B

ExplanationN=A+9 (A-2)=(1/2)*(N-2) 2A-4=N-2 2A-4 = A+9-2 A = 11

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Q 3
Ram and Raj are twins. The sum of their ages combined with their father’s age is 47. Their father’s age at the time of their birth was 29. Find the age of Ram.

A)   6

B)   9

C)   11

D)   14

Correct Option - A

ExplanationR+R+F=47 F-R=29 Solving the two equations, R=6

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Q 4
The present ages of three people in a family are in the ratio 3:5:7. If the sum of their ages before 5 years was 60, find the age of the youngest.

A)   12

B)   18

C)   6

D)   15

Correct Option - D

ExplanationLet their present ages be 3x,5x and 7x. Sum of their ages before 5 years = 3x-5+5x-5+7x-5 = 15x-15 = 60 Solving, x=5 Age of the youngest = 3x = 15

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Q 5
In 10 years, A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago.  If A is now 9 years older than B, the present age of B is

A)   29

B)   39

C)   48

D)   86

Correct Option - B

ExplanationA+10 = 2(B-10) A=B+9 Solving the two equations, B+19=2B-20 B=39

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Q 6
Anju is three years older than Sanju who is five years older than Manju. The sum of their ages is 73. Find the age of Sanju.

A)   20

B)   25

C)   28

D)   30

Correct Option - B

ExplanationA=S+3 S=M+5 A+S+M=73 S+3+S+S-5=73 S=25

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Q 7
The difference between the ages of A and C is half the age of B. The difference between the ages of A and B is one-sixth of the age of C. If the sum of the ages of B and C is 32, find the age of A.

A)   25

B)   22

C)   20

D)   27

Correct Option - B

ExplanationA-C=B/2 A-B=C/6 B+C=32 Solving the three equations, A=22

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