CPT Accounts and Laws Online Test Paper, CA CPT Mock Test Series

CPT Online Mock Test Paper for Accounts and Laws

CPT Online Mock Test Paper for Accounts and Laws. CPT Mock Test Paper for . CPT Online Test is Designed for ICAI Entrance Exam that is called Common proficiency Test, This test is very relevant for Exams. We also provide CPT Online Mock Test Paper for Maths and Economics for exams in another article. CPT Online Test is designed for ICAI Entrance Exam. CPT Online Test 2019, CPT Mock Test 2019,  online test 2019: Take our free CPT Online Test 2019 In Hindi, English languages. CPT Question & Answers 2019. Online Test Series for CPT Exam 2019 in Hindi, CPT Online Test in English. The Institute of chartered accountant of india taken Exam Every Year and Here we Provide CPT Various Test Series in English and In Hindi. CPT  online test is very useful for all student who want to appearing in CPT Exams. CPT Online test is free for all candidates.

Here we provide CPT Paper for Practice CPT Exams

This paper has 100 questions.

Time allowed is 120 minutes.

There are 2 sections:

  • Section 1 – Accounts Subject 50 questions
  • Section 2 – Laws Subject 50 questions

There are no negative marking, because this is only for practice

The CPT online Mock Test Exam is Very helpful for all students who are appearing in CPT exams and onwards… Now Please Click on Below “Start Quiz” and Start your test…

  1. Ankit says

    Online test

  2. Nikita says

    Hi. The answer for 48) is 11 years. Kindly change the same. Thank you 🙂

  3. Addanki.deepika says

    Plz explain 48 ,54

  4. yogesh saini says

    very nice test series

  5. sundeep says

    can i have more mock tests to my mail???

  6. nandni gupta says

    nice amazing……

  7. khushboo aggarwal says

    I like this . Can u plz send me this que paper in my email id

  8. Tiger Das says

    Send me some question please.

  9. rahul says

    plz explain question no 48 and 49

    1. badrinath.c.r says

      48)written down value method involves depreciating based on current year balance.
      cost-depreciation = scrap value
      draw a table just depreciate cost under wdvm till u get Rs8590 .answer 11years

      49)find difference btw both rates using a calculator.

      1. Kavita Soni says

        Yeah even I got ans 11 years

        1. om prakash chakradhari says

          What can put your device to sleep mode or shutdown device or restate it by kicking om……………in Windows 10.

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