Looking back, what would you do differently in your life? – HR Interview

Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?. According to me, Looking back to past doesn’t gives a good result if we will not correct in presently. Use below method when answering the “Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away…

Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

Looking back won’t give me chance to change my past but it will surely help me to change my present and future as we can learn from the past mistakes and can implement it for better results in today and tomorrow.

Sir, if today I am sitting in front of you then its just because of all the challenges and hardships I faced in my life in past, so I have been positive about my past and also positive for my future.

To be frank Sir looking back doesn’t change anything but it gives us a lot of experience which we gain from our mistakes and if I get a chance to change my past then I would like to change my decision which I taken at the time of college life the decision is earn while learning and it really disturbed my studies.

Everything that happens in our life has a cause be it good or bad. What is done is done. I would not change anything because good things have always encouraged me to do more good and my mistakes and failures have helped me improve myself.

Past gives me lessons to be stronger I had gained to build myself developed.

I have done lots of mistakes in my life but I never look back to them. Because I knew that every new day is chance to change your life.

I believe living in present and enjoy current moments because I can’t erase my past and rewrite it. So I can gain experience to build myself.

Wasting time in thinking of past and future, presence of mind in present make future automatically best.

Looking in past is not changed our past but it changed our present and future. Today I am here from improving my past mistakes and now I’ll challenging for it in future.

Mother Teresa has perfectly said, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin”. So I also want to follow the same in both my personal and professional life and just keep going and growing. Whatever mistakes I have done, failures I have faced showed me the right path and I just want to follow that.

Looking back will just gave a repent to our mistakes, besides looking back we should correct our future through the mistakes we have done in our past and should live in present because it is a gift to us that’s why it is called a present so we should live it correctly by not looking in past and future.

By looking back I will correct my present so as to succeed in future. Because the future of my family is directly proportional to my success.

Past time was my learning time so I have learned lots of thing for the present. So it’s time to explore my experience in present and need to earn whatever I have loose in past. I am looking to achieve my life goal for future and present which I have planned.

Mother Teresa had perfectly said, “Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not yet come, we have only Today, let us begin”. So I will also follow the same in both my personal and professional life and I want to just keep going and growing, whatever mistakes I have done, failures I have faced showed me the right path and I just want to follow that.

Looking back is to learn from my mistakes and be a better now in my present and in the future. Experiences always taught us how to fight and face challenges in life, but not learning from it is your biggest mistake in life.

The Past is past. I want to rebuild my skills & knowledge. My 100% concentration is my future.

All my achievements and failures, the attempt could have been better. Tommorrow irrelevant to the outcome of this interview, I would definitely think I could have done better. But right now I am confident that this is my best shot for this post. There is always scope for improvement when you rethink. Its upto you when you do it.

Even though I’m not living with regret in my life as I’m satisfied with my present life but what I would like to do different, is my lately focus on my career.

A learned man once said ‘dead people receive more flowers than a living one’, giving importance to what is done and can’t be changed is a futile aspect of life, instead we should learn from it and try not to repeat it.

Surely, for better work I must have to look back, which I have done good things in my life, which was responsible for my happiness. Now at the present, it will help me for better perfection in my life.

I did many mistakes in my life. But those all not vain. My personal & professional life taught me that time is important. Time & Youth never come back. So Being an energetic youth, I try to utilize my time and do the best.

The Past cannot be changed. But it has provided me a lot of experience through which I would like to rectify my shortcomings and never repeat it in future.

I don’t believe in talking and showing off.

I just believe in to do the things and work.

But at this place, a criteria is going on that is to show himself or herself. And it’s also a correct away when we see from one side.

So should start to speak.

Just do hard work and there are no shortcuts for doing hard works.

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