Would you lie for the company? – HR Interview Questions and Answers

Would you lie for the company?. Sir, I normally don’t prefer to lie, but if my company insists me for the welfare of the company, I will surely lie. Best answers to the job interview question “Would you lie for the company?”, tips on how to respond. Use this method when answering the “Would you lie for the company” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away.

Would you lie for the company?

Usually, I’m not lying anyway if there is no need to it. But if my one lie helps to my company and that doesn’t impact any problems in other’s life then I am ready to do it.

Usually I don’t prefer lie but I know sometimes it’s necessary to speak lie. Eg like- a doctor said to child that injection is not gonna hurt him. So I will check that my lie shouldn’t be harming anybody if it’s not then I will.

If I have confidential information or data with me of our company, I have to lie to keep it safe from other people, and I don’t lie about unnecessary things!

Sir, I normally don’t prefer to lie, but if my company insists me for the welfare of the company, I will surely lie.

Yes. But only if it does not break the work ethics.

of course not. One day everything will definitely going to be relieved so I don’t want to take such a hard decision in my career life.

Defrauding is against the ethics of the company.

And the extent of lie does not last for a longer period.

So it would be better to be in a critical situation as one day you can find ways to come out of that. But going against your own principles. Is something what a company with good morals should not do and as a employee of the same. I would choose of not lieing.

If my one lie help to my colleagues or company without hurting anyone then I will do it.

If it is for a good cause and if doesn’t hurt others I would lie for the company otherwise I won’t do it at any cost.

As I am a straight forward person & I believe if you lie once then to hide this you lie more. Hence I try to always speak truth.

NEVER not at all! Because lie is the baseless foundation for any ORG growth we should bring the company position from the wrong routes to one track as SUCCESS from employees skills and tricks. That’s IT.

This is a question on ethical dilemma. Obviously, if the organisation is in great trouble I will be one of the first people to do something to alleviate the situation. 

I try my best to be honest for the company but in worst condition my one lie help the company’s welfare and does not create any problems to my as well as my colleague profile then yes will lie.

I try to solve any issue by truth itself, if it’s not possible by truth if lie can I solve the problem and it’s not going harm our surroundings and ethics which I follow and our company may get into next level then I will try lie.

This is a very typical situation and a testing one also. My decision would be that I will not lie although I love this company and I love my part of the job but I cannot trade with my principles for the job I have from the beginning of my life build these principles it took me half of my life to establish personality such that I have it in me that I do not play anytime in life whatever the situation might be. Super it becomes very difficult for me to break these rules in my life although I will do anything else which might help the company. I hope you understand my problem as you have understood me before in the past on many occasions.

Sorry Sir, I will Never lie. Because Lie cannot remain hidden for a long time. It may be caught.

No its not good for me and for my company reputation.

If you lie in any profession You aren’t trustworthy, its a business after-all. You have to be transparent. I’VE worked in the company where they had kind of invisible lie detector because company worked so smartly.

Your work your dedication, and your profile has to be trusted.

I don’t prefer lie. If company suffer from such condition, I try to solve by way of truth and subway first if it not work then I check lie is not harm to my and my colleague career and then refer littlle bit lie for company profit.

Definitely, a lie will keep you away from the real situation so I will try to solve the situation with truth and my efforts.

No, I won’t lie for the company because I strongly believe that I won’t let the company to such a situation where I need to lie for the company. I already said that I am honest person.

It fully depends on the situation at that moment.

No, I won’t lie for the company because I strongly believe that I won’t let the company to such a situation where I need to lie for the company.

It depends on the situation if it will Benefits for the company then obviously I will lie but don’t make it apiculate.

Sir, Lying is not in the interest of any company. I will not destroy the reputation of the company by lying.

If lying someone helps them in good way then lying is not a bad thing to do. So I would say it depends on the situation else lying is a bad thing to do.


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