What are your outside interests? – HR Interview Questions and Answers

What are your outside interests?. Best answers to the job interview question “What are your outside interests?”, tips on how to respond. Use this method when answering the “What are your outside interests” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away.

What are your outside interests?

My outside interest is cooking, (am very foodie), I love traveling, (the more you travel and explore the more you learn), spend time with my family, I love kids (they are so pure innocent and real), I like reading self-help books and I research a lot about well-known people and celebrities. I enjoy nature (I believe this is the best way to meditate when away from your work). Rest I keep my life simple.

Sir, my outside interests are cooking, spending time with my family and learning new technology like android, big data etc that are not taught us in college.

My interest is dancing.

I like to give stage performance so that I overcame my stage fear am passionate about dance which is a constant energy boost for me.

My outside interests are;

Travelling : exploring new places and meeting new people.
Gaming : Loves to play mobile games.
Movies : Loves to watch comic movies etc.

My outside interest is to visit the historical place.

It depends on my mood actually, sometimes I feel like to play logical games on my phone/ sketching/ dancing/ chatting/ walking/ play badminton etc.

My outside interest is gardening, cooking, music and drawing.

Travelling and long ride on bikes are my outside interests.

Sir, my outside interest is to learn the new things and to spend time with my family.

I enjoy reading fiction novels & learning how to cook new recipes. And sometimes, just sitting silently. Besides these, I am open to trying anything I have not done earlier.

My outside interst is doing social service.

Well, I have a great interest in traveling, listening songs and also writing all important events of my life in my diary.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy traveling, trying my hand at baking and cooking, and spending time with my family. I also enjoyed doing humanitarian service with Doctors Without Borders in Nigeria for a year after medical school. I hope to do more volunteering in the future.

My outside interests are Filming wildlife and photography.

My outside interests are Reading books, writing short notes, prefer to go to Libraries, Playing Chess

Hello Sir, My outside interest is playing cricket, singing song, and read novel etc.

My outside interest is to talk to people and know about them and learn from their experience.

My outside interests besides playing video games, cooking is planning and implementing trips.


I have so many outside interests like reading story books, listening music, watching short inspirational movies, cooking, writing poem, gardening and helping people. But these interest depends on my mood and life’s conditions.

Sometimes I only like to keep silent.

Actually, I want to do everything in my life whatever I have not done.

So my outside interest is to think out of a new thing and to do that.

If I don’t know swimming and I want to learn then it is my outside interest.

As a professional, related to my work if I don’t know something then I want to know everything this is my outside interest.

For me, every new thing is my outside interest because I want to learn it and I want to know about it.

That’s it. Thank you.

My outside interest is to spent time with someone who loves me or with someone who are happy with my company.

Apart from work I love spending my time in working out in gym and doing aerobics. I also love to spend time with my friends and relatives.

I like to stay fit and mentally strong, so I do regular exercises and watch TED talks.

And one more thing that I like to do is to cook.


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