Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?. I have just completed my graduation and fresh to the earning area. Now, it is high time for me to attain experience in the field of my work rather earning huge amounts. I feel earning is possible either way but not the experience. Use below method when answering the “Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away…

Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

Because, I am not money minded person, I prefer future growth, job satisfaction and happy family life. I am career oriented person and I believe that if career is on right track, money can come automatically.

Well, sir, money does play a crucial role in a person life but not more than personal skills and knowledge. As one can find that money can be taken or even stolen but not your skills, so I first want to develop my skills and knowledge so that money should follow me rather I follow it.

I want to see my family in a good position.

Yes, Monday plays an important role in every person’s life but for getting or earning more money it is important to develop skills and knowledge. I feel that if I grow as a person and developing my skills and knowledge so money will automatically come on my way without putting any efforts because at the end of the day what matters is a person talent and knowledge so I feel instead of putting so much effort for earning money I focus on learning and gaining knowledge and I am sure my talents and knowledge will make me millionaire one day.

Nowadays money is important to everybody, but this is the time to learn new thing. After I learned then try to get earning more money.

This level of life, I am not giving importance to money more than development of skills.

Sir, at first I want to grow my knowledge through experience. After that, I’m sure I can earn more money within a few days.

I suppose everything has its time. At this very time of my Career I have to LEARN and then start to EARN.

Sir because money is not a big task. If we have the knowledge definitely we earn money & career also.

Sir, money is important for life but not more than your skills & knowledge because money can be stolen but your skills & knowledge can’t be stolen by anyone, anyhow.

If you have skills & knowledge then you can create more opportunity to earn much money. So first skills & knowledge is more important.

Thank you.

I am not earning more money because right now I am focusing on my career my first priority is to gain knowledge as much as I can and expertise with that and I believe once this happened money will follow me and after that it does not matter whether I am on which stage or level.

Money is very important as well as job satisfaction also so we can’t jump in to any company with out satisfaction if we love our work automatically we can start earning money.

Yes, Of course. Money is most important in life. If I don’t have any knowledge and skills. The Money will not come. Because this industry goes on knowledge. If I have a good knowledge and skills. Then money will come automatically. So first I believe in knowledge and skills.

In my view, Mostly more earners are working in the higher position or standardise organisation with good skills & knowledge. As of now, I’m concentrated only to develop my skills & knowledge. That’s why I’m good in that now. I guess, it’s the right time & a place to make me as good/more earner.

According to me, Money is not everything in our life if we have capability than we can easily earn money.

Yes, of course, money is important in this luxurious life apart from this there is more important is to gain knowledge and experience. If you achieve excellence in your work. Then most of the companies will ready to hire you as your demands. So, achieving excellence is equal to earning money.

Money is important to our life but money is not everything. We have to earn more knowledge also for our career.

As per me, money is important for your life but if you have more knowledge and skill you can get more money.

My first preference is skilled development & an experience so I ready to work whatever salary you were given.

Because money is not big task. If you have the knowledge you definitely earn money and career also.

The organization was small and I cannot expect much in terms of salary. I was just there to improve my skills and money is not a primary for me.

Experience is more important than money.

I am happy with my present and want to touch the sky with my knowledge and experience in future.

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