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Problems on Trains concept

Due to the small size of the cars and other objects, we take them as point objects. Questions on trains are solved using the concept of time, speed and distance i.e. we use the formulas of time, speed and distance to solve questions on trains. Since the size of the trains is comparable to the distances that they may travel, then we will have to take the size or the length of the trains into account too. The same formulae that we saw already are applicable here too. Here we shall see some examples of this concept and then learn some tricks from other examples.

Problems on Trains Formula

Train Problems form an interesting portion of the time-distance problems. The Train Problems are a bit different than the regular problems on the motion of the objects. This is due to the finite size of the trains. As a result of the length of the trains, many interesting train problems originate. Keep same units for all values mentioned in the problem i.e. as per the units of the given answers convert kilometer per hour (km/hr) to meters per second (m/s) and vice versa. In a similar way, convert meter (m) into centimeter (cm) and vice versa. See the examples given below:

The formula to convert Km/hr into m/s:

  • 1km is equal to 1000 meters
  • 1 hours is equal to 3600 seconds
  • 1Km/hr is equal to problem on trains img 1meter/sec or m/s

So, to convert a value in Km/hr to m/s, we need to multiply it with problem on trains img 2 See the example given below:

60 km/hr* problem on trains img 3= 16.7 m/s

The formula to convert m/s to Km/hr

  • 1 meter is equal to 1/1000 km
  • 1 sec is equal to 1/3600 hours
  • 1 m/s is equal to problem on trains img 4

So, to covert a value in m/s to Km/hr, we will multiply it with 18/5. See the example given below:

20 m/s* problem on trains img 5=72 km/hr

Important facts about moving trains:

    1. The distance traveled by a train to cross a pole or person is equal to the length of the train.
    2. The distance traveled by train when it crosses a platform is equal to the sum of the length of the train and length of the platform.
    3. When two trains are travelling in opposite directions at speeds V1 m/s and V2 m/s then their relative speed is the sum of their individual speeds (V1+V2) m/s.
    4. Two trains are travelling in the same direction at V1 m/s and V2 m/s where V1 > V2 then their relative speed will be equal to the difference between their individual speeds (V1-V2) m/s.
    5. When two trains of length X meters and Y meters are moving in opposite direction at V1 m/s and V2 m/s then the time taken by the trains to cross each other is =problem on trains img 6
    6. When two trains of length X meters and Y meters are moving in same direction at V1 and V2 where V1> V2 then the time taken by the faster train to cross the slower train =problem on trains img 7
    7. When two trains X and Y start moving towards each other at the same time from points A and B and after crossing each other the train X reaches point B in a seconds and train Y reaches points A in b seconds, then

Train X speed: Train Y speed = b1/2: a1/2

Here we will learn certain tricks and see the various forms of the train problems.

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