If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work? – HR Interview Questions

If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?. Of course, I will continue my work because why we are working, For earning the money and get comfortable in our life. But after we got money it doesn’t mean that our life becomes comfortable zone. Eventhough, it doesn’t need for us after got money, our knowledge would helpful for others in future. And important fact that knowledge is necessary to keep that money to our side till our life ends.

If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

If I won $10 million lottery my standard of living may change but my attitude towards life and work will never change. So I would still work.

Yes, definitely I’ll continue to work; Because money is not the only purpose of my life.

The lottery will just give me money and not success.

According to me, Money doesn’t have warranty or guarantee but knowledge remains constant. So I will continue my work.

10 million won’t be enough to live a life 15 years down the line. Moreover, I want to be called as a person who made his fortune and not who had a fortune. Therefore I would definitely work.

I will continue my job. The value of anything can only be realised when we earned it. The lottery is like a luck. I will invest this money in other sectors.

Yes! Definitely, I would like to work because money will increase my bank balance, not my professional skills. And I will also utilise my money in various fields so that it won’t be a piece of paper.

Yes, sir. Definitely, I work because money won’t give the complete happiness satisfaction lies in own earnings.

Yes, because the job can teach us many things practically. But money can’t do the same.

It will change my lifestyle completely for sure but will not ensure my professional identity.

Yes, I will but Not as job holder as a job creator because The lottery will just give me money and not success.


Honestly speaking if by any chance I win 10 million dollars lottery I will like to work for the company but when I have so much money there will be no need to work so I will try to buy this company so that I keep associated with this company for my entire life and although I am not working for this company but technically this company will work for me and we will be associated Although we both know that the situation is hypothetical and it would never ever happen but I just gave my honest answer all to the real answer should be different as you might know.

Yes, sir. I’ll continue my job. Because money doesn’t give us any satisfaction in doing some work. If you want a satisfaction in anything I have done. It can be achieved only by doing some work.

Yes sir,

I would work because living standard will be change and I would say luck is not permanent but my hard work or knowledge will always permanent.

I am positive that I would continue to work because the passion to work is everlasting but the 10 million dollars are materialistic.

So, yes, I would still work.

Honestly, I would choose job if I have won $1 million. Because one day I will spend money in lottery for getting more money and I don’t acknowledgement for it and no value. But doing job I get assurance, experience of good things which is best way for leading my entire life.

Yes sir, of course, I’ll work, because money will change my lifestyle may be, but it cannot change my communication skills and knowledge.

Yes. I will work because for me money is not everything. I will only enjoy if I am working. And is money may change the style of my living. But it won’t change the choice about work.

I will continue to do work or whatever was my goal get a huge amount of money does not mean to go unemployed it is our instincts that we work for ourselves to make us feel the taste of hard work and also good for our general awareness and We should try to help other people who are below with us. And do some social service for the society.

I won’t give priority to million dollars but if I gain satisfaction about my work here, I won’t go to any other company or lottery. Nothing gives much happiness than self satisfaction.

The probability of winning a lottery is 1 out of 14 million. So it is my luck. If given an opportunity to work in your company I will work. Money/Respect earned through the lottery is not equivalent to money earned through hard work.

No, Sir if I win 10 million lottery I will not quit this job because money looses its value with time but knowledge increases with time and this job will provide me the knowledge which is more valuable than money.

I am not going to quit sir. Because Money is temporary and knowledge is permanent. On spending, money is getting low but only knowledge increases on spending. I want to improve my knowledge by learning something new.


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