What changes would you make if you came on board? – HR Interview

What changes would you make if you came on board?.Encourage the use of computers to reduce time, will get to know my team members better by identifying with ant their needs and also to communicate my objectives effectively. Also to motivate them to produce timely reports and organize trainings them to improve their skills. Use below method when answering the “What changes would you make if you came on board?” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away…

What changes would you make if you came on board?

Sir there are so many experienced persons in board. May be they’re know something better then me. So I would not change anything but I would add something additional to ongoing projects/plans/environment with my experience and skills.

I would study the work environment, having past experience in accounts, I would look for cost-cutting ways. I would also carry out research in line with the company activities to bring ideas on board.

Since I will be on a Learning curve myself for initial years, I would rather focus on learning the stratagem of the job, learn and give 100 % to the policies set up by more experienced professionals above me, till I exceed and become capable enough to be given a decision making responsibility.

Change is universal truth. Based upon internal and external study I will decide change and also think positive future of the company.

I believe change is the only constant thing in life and will try to change things as per the markets demand and to achieve company’s target keeping in mind the basic concept of customer satisfaction. There are many competitors in the market and will change things for the company to be the best in the market or at least to give a tough competition to the competitors.

As a newly hired on board. I won’t change anything that has been set/established already by the retained ones. I am not in the right position to renew what has been used. Just be observant and suggest what you could add for the betterment and benefits to both clients and company.

Thank you!

When company employ workers there are certain qualities that are expected of them, I believe the qualities I bear is within a viable range and as such I’ll apply my technical and academic knowledge to solve company daily and more advanced problems where they arise, I’ll ensure maximum work and customer satisfaction, I’ll give preference to research to generate new ideas and improve existing ones in the company.

We must believe that change is the only permanent thing. I would like to introduce a friendly working atmosphere where everybody is easily approachable.

I will first look the needs of this company so that I will know where to start to make changes and I will have to love what I will be doing there because if I don’t nothing be successful.

I would go through company existing process, then I will analyse & initiate to add my expotise skill on ongoing project to meet the customer requirement with 100% accuracy.

I will continuously improve my skills and the standard of my performance so that I obtain maximum clients satisfactions. Because the more clients got satisfied the more organisation/company benefit.

Changes are inevitable and it should be constantly made to improve productivity of the company. No change, no development. The corporate goals, vision and policies should not be changed. Yet, certain amendments can be made in the organisational structure according to the current work environment and situation. Further more creativity, innovation are required to improve the performance of the company.

First of all I would like to say that I would not change anything but I would add something additional to the ongoing project, so that there will be no delay in project.

At the same time I would like to bring changes in the organization. First I will study the company goals, regulations, environment and process, if there is any changes needed than I will change by taking suggestions from the experienced persons for effective results, which will satisfy the current needs and make the organization running.

My first duty is to understand the vision, mission and goal if the company. I will understand the environment in which the team is working. I will do my best to inculcate the values like team work, quick response accountability which I gained from my previous job into the team if it lacks in that ares.

I will adapt to new environment, new management and achieve new targets in limited time. Then apply changes where needed to achieve company goals.

Sir, since I am a fresher I cannot implement any changes now. So, first I would analyse the changes needed. Then I would plan the strategies to communicate my ideas with my colleagues and the management or my seniors. If I get a positive feedback from them then we could join hands to implement the changes, for the betterment of our company.

I will change my mindset accordingly this company norms, my previous job is different this job is different so I should change accordingly what company is expecting from me.


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