What was the toughest decision you ever had to make? – HR Interview

What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?. One of the toughest decision I’ve ever made is when I decided to leave my children and worked far from home. First, to second week, I am always crying because I missed them. And as days passed, we overcome that situation. I know my kids will understand me. As a single parent, I realize that sometimes we have to decide for our children no matter how hard it is because that’s for the better.

What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

Till now I never experienced the toughest decision. But when the situation comes I will take the decision in such a way that it makes right and lead to success.

I remember the quote, “Think Thousand times before taking a decision But – After taking decision never turn back even if you get Thousand difficulties”. In case of me Following my passion as a Teacher although I am an Engineer seems to be tough for me.

My toughest decision as a girl is either to continue my career goal or to got married according to my parents wish this was the toughest among all.

Choosing a career in this competitive environment.


Toughest decision is always related to your life. And this situation I also face while choosing diploma (Polytechnic) or 11th 12th. But I wanted to do engineering that’s why I choose diploma because it was the clear way for doing engineering.

It was to choose my own carrier in this competitive world.

After 12th, my parents wanted me to do BSC nursing but I did engineering. So, I think it’s the toughest decision for me to choose to engineering.

When we have two options and we like both of them and select one of them its a toughest decision.

Take an example: I am interested in computer science as well as architect branch. And I choose computer science branch which is the toughest decision of my life. But its a good decision for me.

Studying engineering is the toughest decision for me.

I think taking decision is not tough, the tough is to justify your decision that you had taken is not wrong.

Sir, decision taking is not tough, once our decision decides either success or failures. So we find our ability what we are.

In myself toughest decision is to take go to government sector or software side, whenever I had completed Btech.

Taking decisions are not tough, the tough is to move with that decision and at the same way once we take the decision even though it’s tough.

Toughest decision of almost all people is related to their career. Same is the case with me. When I passed my 12th std, I was really in the dilemma that whether I should do BCA or Engineering.

Sir taking decision are not tough the tough is to move with that decision and at the same way one. It seems like an easy decision only.

I have made one toughest decision in my life by changing my medium of study from Tamil to English during higher secondary.

I had face the toughest decision after my SSC when I had to decide my stream.

My toughest decision when taking my bachelor degree my father wants to be a medicine but I took my decision hardly and I went to electrical and electronic engineering studies.

The toughest decision I ever had to make was returning to my native country after traveling aboard.

Yes, it is true, sometimes decisions appear to be herculean, but one must have to face it with audacity and courage.

As I was a bit confused while making the decision to go with engineering job or for civil services preparation. And now, I am very much aplomb, that I made a good decision.

I ever experienced a tough decision. But if you are having clear idea about your problem. Then you will take decision easily.

I believe in the quote “Take daily little challenge it will make you able to take a big any challenge”.

So, I decided that: I’ll try my best to complete all tasks which my teacher or parents give me it doesn’t matter that is difficult or easy. I’ll never say never.

My toughest decision was choosing MATHS instead of BIOLOGY. Because my elder family member always said me to become a doctor.

I had face the toughest decision after my SSC when I had to decide my stream.


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